Cutting Services

At The Purcell Rooms we offer innovative styling to cater specifically for you and your lifestyle.
Our stylists are trained to listen to you so they can learn about you and find out your hair needs, making sure your lifestyle and image inform their decisions. They are continually assessed as they are regulated by specific ways of working.
If you have thick and/or long hair, please mention this when you book via phone or email. If booking online there is an option to pick this, so that we can allocate the correct amount of time for you.

We also cater for male clients, see our Mens Services.

Menu Owner/Master Colour Expert Director Stylist Senior Stylist Junior Stylist
Ladies Cut & Style from...
(Includes Shampoo & Massage)
£62.00 £57.00 £45.00 £37.00
Ladies Restyle Cut from...
(Includes Shampoo & Massage)
£70.00 £65.00 £55.00 £45.00
Blow Style from...
(Includes Shampoo & Massage)
£40.00 £35.00 £28.00 £22.00
Blow Style with a Technical Service. from...
(These are reduced cost Blow styles to help when you are visiting for a technical service only.)
£37.00 £32.00 £23.00 £19.00
Long/Thick Hair Blow Style from... £47.00 £42.00 £33.00 £27.00
Long/Thick Hair Blow Style with a Technical Service from... £42.00 £37.00 £28.00 £22.00
Long/ Thick Hair Cut & Style from... £70.00 £65.00 £48.00 £53.00
Long/Thick Restyle Hair Cut from... £80.00 £75.00 £61.00 £53.00
Fringe Trims from...
(These are only complimentary to Hairdressing clients who visit the salon regularly every 6-8 weeks.)
£15.00 £10.00 £8.00 £5.00
Up Styles from...
(We Love hair-up at the salon, no style is impossible! If you have a special occasion or event you can always book a free consultation to plan your style to perfection. We are very happy to receive emails prior to your appointment to help define the look you desire.)
£60.00 £55.00 £45.00 £35.00

Styling Hair Services

Menu Owner/Master Colour Expert Director Stylist Senior Stylist Junior Stylist
GHD Curls/Wave Styling from...
(per 20 minutes can be added to a Cut & style or Blow dry and on its own but please arrive with clean, product free blow dried hair)
£25.00 £20.00 £15.00 £10.00

Hair Replenishment Services

Client Tailored Conditioning Treatment at basin
(Specifically chosen for your hair needs)
£5.00 (Ask for on day of service)
Botanical Repair (choices for fine & thick hair)
(Instantly strengthens hair and helps protect, creating body at the same time.)
Kerastraight Intense Boost
(A 30 minute service which locks in moisture and strength for up to 30 days. Renews, repairs & re-hydrates from the inside out)
from £25.00
Olaplex Stand Alone Treatment (Please Book )
(30 minutes. Applied as a restructurant , bonding hair in all its damaged areas , improving condition up to 200%. includes massage.)
Please read, fully our Salon Courtesy page before booking or attending your appointment