Aveda Massage

Some services within the Beauty Room legally require skin testing, if you are unsure please call the salon for more information

The perfect way to help you relax and unwind, reducing tension and improving the circulatory system. Our aim is to give a a sense of well being, taking away the build up of stress from daily life. Swedish massage is helpful in reducing aches, pains & relaxing stiff joints. The massage is given in soft to medium tension specific to a clients needs.

You can choose from 4 Ark Incentivised oils depending on your needs on the day of service.

Calming and relaxing patchouli and yang ylang aroma massage

Patchouli and ylang ylang are incorporated in our customised massages, these help relieve feelings of stress, depression and anxiety, this increases calmness and relaxation within the body or choose;

Uplifting and energising lemon and lime aroma massage

Lemon and lime aromas are incorporated in our customised massages to help fight exhaustion and helps boost low energy within the body, this will leave you feeling energised and uplifted. Ready to take on the day!

For strong, deeper massages we recommend our new hot stone massage which we are currently promoting at our normal massage charges.
Stone therapy is an accident healing art that has been rediscovered, the use of hot stone has healing purposes date back thousands of years.
The stones used are smooth basalt volcanic rock which highly retain heat. Stone therapy increases blood circulation, it increases cell metabolism. Tight and tense muscles relax as the heat penetrates the skin.

Hot stones is best known for the enhanced feeling of relaxation, well being and balance. The heat causes deeper and quicker relaxation of muscles which help alleviate stress and tension. Direct heat allows manipulation of a greater intensity than regular massage. Each stroke with a hot stone is the equivalent to ten made by a hand.

Choose from 30, 60 or 90 minutes massage.
We customise the massage to your needs so you can choose the timing the areas most need to be worked on and the aroma of oils used to suit your needs.

Elemental Nature massage (30 mins)
(Back, Neck & Shoulder With or without Hot stones)
Elemental Nature Massage (60 mins)
(Full Body With or without Hot stone)
Elemental Nature Massage (90 mins)
(Full Body with Face & Scalp With or without Hot stones)
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