Ark Facials

Some services within the Beauty Room legally require skin testing, if you are unsure please call the salon for more information

Our experienced Beauticians not only provides you with a Ark Skincare personal treatment but we have included our own sensory journey to which our Aveda clients were previously accustomed, with products and ingredients chosen specifically for your Skin type, Ark will improve your skin type what ever it is. Vegan, cruelty free and made in Britain.

We offer all our facials and body treatments in time slots of 30, 60 and 90 minute intervals and charge for the time requested rather than a type of treatment .Below you can read all about the types of facials we offer but please bear in mind that after your consultation elements from various facials can be built into your personalised treatment .

Currently we are offering 4 Time slots for the price of 3. You can have them when ever you like in a year period after purchase. Any bought in 2020 will have a 18month period of use.

When you buy your 5th Ark product we will treat you to the sixth, we also have most Ark offers well before their online business. Please support us and benefit yourself whilst buying with us.

Ark Age Protect Facial Formulated for your teens and 20's
(Age Protect skincare feeds younger skin with essential nutrients and balances hydration for a beautiful, clear complexion. It Balances oily and dry areas to leave skin clear and comfortable. Natural ingredients ensure skin is treated gently while spots and excess sebum are banished. These products tightens pores and eliminates excess shine. The plant-based formulas effectively treats breakouts, redness and irritation, yet is gentle and calming on the skin. Revealing a clearer complexion, naturally.)
(£34 - 30 Mins) (£50.00 - 60mins) (£70.00 - 90 Mins)
Ark Age Defend Facial Formulated for your 30 & 40's
(Age Defend boosts skin's collegen production and minimises redness for a calm, supple complexion. Effectively removes make-up & excess sebum leaving skin clean, plump and supple. Perfect for sensitivities as the natural ingredients soothe redness and inflammation too. Vegan friendly. Contains Moringa Oil which is rich in Vitamin A and C and gently removes make-up and grime while ensuring skin retains essential moisture.)
(£34 - 30 Mins) (£50.00 - 60mins) (£70.00 - 90 Mins)
Age defy Facial formulated for your 50's onwards.
(Age Defy deeply quenches, firms and brightens the skin for a toned radiant complexion. It effectively removes debris and impurities while treating the skin to a combination of vitamins, antioxidants and lipids. Skin becomes brighter and softer while lines and wrinkles are plumped. It’s Revolutionary anti-gravity serum, tightens, lifts and tones the skin. This ultra-firming serum is ideal for skin showing signs of a loss of elasticity or fine lines and wrinkles. which targets skin sagging and improves resistance to gravity by promoting skin's elastic fibre architecture)
(£34 - 30 Mins) (£50.00 - 60mins) (£70.00 - 90 Mins)